How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelets And More?

Rainbow Loom

Video 1: How to make a Made Zippy Chain Bracelet?

Video 2: How to make a Rainbow Loom Butterfly Bracelet?

Video 3: How to make a Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet?

Video 4: How to make a Bracelet Double X?

Video 5: How to make a Rainbow Loom Triple Single?

Video 6: How to make a Rainbow Loom Starburst Bracelet?

 How To Make A Rainbow Loom Bracelets And More?

You can start with the Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom!

Rainbow Loom Kit

Rainbow Loom Bracelets Review

Bracelets And More

Rainbow Loom is a very hot product on the market today. One game to show the ingenuity, creativity, foster and promote the innate artistic talent, etc.

Make super fun to wear rubber band bracelets and more! To meet your needs, we created a diverse website to serve you. From the guiding method to create products from Rainbow Loom by video and photos. To the product description, where to buy best price and best service, etc.

We hope to give you enough information that you need. If you have the smart methods, creating unique products, please send it to us, we will spend the most suitable place for your post on this site. You have the idea to create a product, but do not know how? Let’s send your idea to us, we will advice to help you implement that idea. Take the feedback you need below, we are willing and happy to assist you.




Customer Reviews

5 Start Number one!

October 17, 2013. By Tanya (Brownsville, USA)

This toy is very good it changes the mindset and preferences of the child. Instead ago, they just stared playing video games or watch cartoons. Now they do charm bracelets and many other products. The bracelets look great but are actually made ​​of rubber bands they make the tool attractive and interesting that I’m very happy to wear ..


5 Start Number one!

August 18, 2013. By James Bell (Oklahoma City, USA)

Cheap price Rainbow Loom on amazon. I bought and loved it. Easy to use and does exactly what it instructions. The only downfall I can see is the basic guide is huge, but there are other models in the small book that makes no sense. But I look back, watch and follow the instructions on the video, very quickly and clearly to imitate. I have 3 made ​​it after only fifteen minutes out of the box. I need to order Rainbow Loom to make the bracelets with the different styles and more. I know where to buy Rainbow Loom best price and delivery.


5 Start rainbow loom learning express!

June 06, 2013. By Strauss (Saint Petersburg, USA)

We looked in stores everywhere but could not find Rainbow Loom. Finally, I’ve found the best place to buy Rainbow Loom sale on amazon. When the delivery truck arrived, my grandchildren very excited to welcome the delivery. I used to think that she would tired after playing with it. In contrast, after a few weeks, I found that the more she likes it more play. She and her friends made ​​bracelets, rings, necklaces, diamond pattern and sell them for a number of toys. It is learning new ways to create many different products thirsty, she combines many Rainbow Loom colors on the bracelet, double bracelet, triple, not the end of her in this Rainbow Loom designs.


All Commend



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